Tudung Seni

MIXTAPE: Andyna Vol. 2

1. Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande – “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

The original record of “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House is eternal. But, lemme tell ya, this Happy Hippie version of Miley and Ariana came into a backyard session, and turns out to be overloaded cute. Oh did you know? The Happy Hippie Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Miley Cyrus. Their mission is to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations. Yes people, Miley is so much more than just a twerking icon!

Fave Part“Now I’m walking again to the beat of a drum. And I’m counting the steps to the door of your heart.”

2. Rita Ora feat. Chris Brown – “Body On Me”

Ten seconds intro, it got me like “Hmmm African touch.” Verse 1, it got me like “Who’s this? She sounds steamy.” Bridge 1, it got me like “Sensual lyrics, huh?” Chorus part, then I scream “RITA ORA IS BACK!!” Not to mention the video is so seductive. I mean, meeting someone random in a dodgy elevator, then fantasize you spend the night by dancing with him on the rooftop? Wild! I present you my 2015 most looped RnB collaboration. Hmmm and lots of shirtless Chris Brown action btw. :p

Fave Part: “Our lips are barely touching. So do it again, do it again. We could be on to something.”

3. Joni Mitchell – “Both Sides Now”

Taken from the original sountrack of Love Actually (2003). Combination of metaphor, childhood fantasy, and in that moment when you try to discern what is love. Sterling the blurred lines, honey. If listening to an old record count as weirdness, then call me so. Joni Mitchell shivers down my spine.

Fave Part“It’s life’s illusions I recall. I really don’t know life at all.”

4. Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend – “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

How do I decode the message of this radio smash hit? This way. Let’s trap in a
peaceful labyrinth garden. Dance with me. Finger-snapping balladry with me. Take a stroll in the rain with me. Spend the rest of this evening with me. Just stay. Do not leave too soon. I might not be here tomorrow.

Fave part: “Just a whisper of smoke. You could lose everything. The truth is you’ll never know.”

5. Macy Gray – “I Try”

Back in 2013, I watched her live performance during Java Soulnation Festival in Jakarta. And this everlasting number seriously got me paralyzed. Raspy voice. Appealing piano. Confessional verse. Unpretentious and sparse beats. She invited us to sing a long and remember those damn good old days in 2000s. I’m hooked!

Fave Part“Though I try to hide it,it’s clear, my world crumbles when you are not near.”


October 19, 2015

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