Di Belakang Panggung

What Are You Thankful For?

During the pace in 2015, I gotta say like it’s really hustling. Super busy year. Forget about 8 hours Sleeping Beauty. I only hibernate like a Polar Bear on the weekend. Therefore, don’t you dare to invite me to an unnecessary wedding, or boring bubble party with Top 40 playlist and bottles of fake Baileys. Even more, wish I could clone myself into 5 different version of me. So little time, so much to do. I think it’s important to pause, then rewind about all the things and all the people I must thankful for this fascinating lifeliness.

1. I’m thankful for YOU, good people. Yes, YOU. Wonderful souls who inspire, amuse, and challenge me everyday. What would I be without YOU?

2. I’m thankful for the PECULIAR PLACES I’ve been. One morning across Himalaya. Summer under the heat of Flores. Greatest signature culinary in Palembang. Sandboarding in Parangkusumo. Even my very first movie festival trip.

3. I’m thankful for THREE UNFORGETABLE CONCERTS I’ve created. Gelora Cinta, Global Seru Awards, and of course the one that stays too deep inside of me, Global TV Lucky 13.

4. I’m thankful for RANDOMNESS. Imagination, favorite books, new shooting studios, barbershop man who cuts my skin head, Justin Bieber “Purpose” album, those who asked me to take their picture while traveling, or simply his morning phone call (I know you’ll read this).

5. I’m thankful, truly madly deeply, for THE ALMIGHTY. How can I not?

Signing out, 2015!!

January 1st, 2016

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