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MIXTAPE: Andyna Vol. 8

♫  FEBRUARY  – Love Soundtrack  ♫

1. Zayn, Taylor Swift – “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”

OST. Fifty Shades Dark (2017)

After a rough year of headlines for Taylor, good to know she picked up one of the blockbusteriest movie franchises, as a step to finally write us a new song again. Team up with the Billboard hits maker, Zayn Malik, they both traded lots of falsettos into Electro RnB vibe. Surprisingly, it still sounds so good even if you play it in acoustic. Go try yourself.

Fave Part: Baby / baby / I feel crazy // Up all night / all night / and every day // Give me somethin’ / oh but you say nothin’ // What is happening to me? //

2. Stephen Bishop – “It Might Be You”

OST. Tootsie (1982)

My mother is the one who made me fall in love with radio. I remember she always tunes the RRI Pro 2 FM (Radio Republik Indonesia) in the morning. And then one time, I was about to go to school when I heard this pleasing tune on the airwaves for the first time. I stunned. Little did I know, it leads me to an old movie way before I was born.

Fave Part: I’ve been saving love songs and lullabies // And there’s so much more // No one’s ever heard before // Something’s telling me it might be you //

3. Glenn Fredly – “Malaikat Juga Tahu”

OST. Rectoverso (2013)

Started with 11 short stories and 11 songs in one book, which later turned into movie (please stop trying so hard to compare). It was released exactly on the Valentine’s Day back in 2013. This is personally my favorite fragment of Rectoverso. Serves you a powerful love message with a theme song you can easily sing along.

Fave Part: Namun kau tak lihat // Terkadang malaikat // Tak bersayap // Tak cemerlang // Tak rupawan //

4. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo – “To Find You”

OST. Sing Street (2016)

I don’t think I ever put a single crush on an Irish boy before Sing Street. I think it is save to say that Sing Street was probably the most unforgettable movie I have seen in 2016. And John Carney brought us to the unexpected talent of Ferdia Walsh-Peelo. His act, his charm, his voice, his sense of music, simply astonishing.

Fave Part: Got miles to go / but from the day I started crawling // I was on my way to find you //

5. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone – “City of Stars”

OST. La La Land (2016)

The loudest prediction for Best Original Song in Academy Awards 2017. Capturing Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s genuine enchanted moment. Right after dinner, have a glass of white wine with your darling while listening to this smash soundtrack. You’re welcome, Blog Walkers!

Fave Part: A rush // A glance // A touch // A dance // A look in somebody’s eyes / to light up the skies / to open the world and send it reeling //

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February 7th, 2017

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