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MIXTAPE: Andyna Vol. 9

♫ Indonesian Male Musician ♫

Through the ups and down of Indonesian music scene, today I gotta resume our local male musicians into one conclusion; YA’LL ON FIRE! It slaps my face how the worldwide gave them brighter spotlight than in our own shit. Especially these 5 phenomenons, which not only I have listened to their songs, but also got too many times of goosebump while attending their live concert. They’ve been raising up the bar to go planetary without loosing their real identity. Get your headphone and you’ll thank me later. 

1. Teddy Adhitya – “Let Me”








I saw him in an acoustic performance at Filosofi Kopi (local coffee shop in Jakarta) for the very first time. His track is that kind of tune you might want to sing along on your first-gig-date. Holding hands in front of the baricade or finger-snapping together. Never done that before? Do it!

Fave Part: Come closer to me // Let me cure you let me be your medicine //

2. Kunto Aji – “Mercusuar”









On March 15th 2017, I was lucky to finally work with this hillarious singer and songwriter for JOOX Indonesia. He wrote the big themeline of Mercusuar when he was getting married last year. And I instantly glued to the metaphor lyrics. This, gentlemen, is how you propose a woman to be your lifetime partner perfectly.

Fave Part: Jangkar sudah terjatuh / aku sudah benar-benar / luluh //

3. Dipha Barus feat. Kallula – “No One Can Stop Us”






Have you ever tune to a rhythmical song on the radio, thinking “Damn who’s on the airwave?”, but turned out to have jaw-dropping moment once you found that he’s a local DJ? No wait. That’s literally me! It’s impressive how he tried to enclose a traditional instrument into EDM track.

Fave Part: Sorry, I can’t pick one! It’s all too good. 😭

4. Rendy Pandugo – “Hampir Sempurna”




If you watch “Galih & Ratna” (Lucky Kuswandi, 2017), you might notice his voice by one of the original sountracks. Caught in an interview with him couple months ago, he told me how he simply started everything digitally from Soundcloud. I suggest, right after hour, when your day is over, play this beautiful ballad before your go to bed. Hello calmness!

Fave Part: Kau disampingku / diam membisu // Meski riuh dera jiwaku //

5. Rich Chigga feat. Ghostface Killah and Pouya- “Dat $tick” (Remix)


I’m running out of words to describe how much I respect this guy. He gave me high hope for the raising of Indonesian (plus Asian) Hip Hop again. Knowing that he never went to international school before, is just driving me even more insane. Hard to believe he’s only 17 with such a genius wordplay.

Fave Part: And you don’t wanna fuck with a chigga like me // When I pull up in that Maserati / better duck fore ya brain // Splatter on the concrete //

Read more about music ➸ Mixtape: Andyna Vol. 2


April 27th, 2017

13 thoughts on “MIXTAPE: Andyna Vol. 9

  1. ya allah…. romantis banget liriknya mercusuar kak… gak nyangka video klipnya bakal ada rio dewanto.

    ditunggu terus mixtapenyaaaa


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