Binar Bervakansi

Beach Trash Wear

The more I go travel around Indonesia, the more I fell head over heels with this giant archipelago. In case you haven’t notice, our shoreline reached more than 59,000 miles, equals to 95,181 kilometers. If this was measured in Europe, our sea territorial would have covered England to Caspian Sea, next to Iran. Yeap! THAT HUGE, Blog Walkers!


We serve plentiful of the world’s finest beaches across the country. From Lonely Planet to National Geographic, they all worship it. Beach has always become one of the most irresistable tourism spots. But unfortunately, beach pollution also has turned into a crucial issue in Indonesia. In fact, tons of trashes have been thrown and stranded on the beach every single day.


As a domino effect, it is so devastating knowing that many of valuable sea animals had killed because of trash. Sea Turtle, for instance, which always been mistaken to identify trash as a swimming Jellyfish (their favorite food obviously). Imagine when these endangered species have to digest a chemical and toxicity stuff into their stomach. No wonder it has lead us to 30% decline of underwater population for the past 10 years. If this terrible issue still on repeat, our grandchild might probably can figure out the existence of Sea Turtle only by the book or movie.


CleanAction, as one of the NGO that has a mandate for environmental protection, is having concern on a mission to bring cleaner beaches back to us. First, they have collected 2000 different trashes. Second, they pass the trash to a group of Volunteer Artists. Then these Volunteer Artists try to put an ink to the trash, and use it as a printmaking tool on a t-shirt. Henceforth, it simply became 2000 pieces of Beach Trash Wear. Guess what happened? All of them were sold in just one day.




Each piece of Beach Trash Wear will be stamped with certain location where the trash was found, including the profound environmental impact to the beach pollution. Signed off with a plea for real action and build a momentum to stop this bad habbit of trash, once and for all. Talkin’ bout preservation in style? I’m so into it! Wanna get yours? Oh you can easily check out their website at or come visit their offline store. Let’s save our beaches!

Read more about beaches ➸ MALDIVES: The Misconception


September 18, 2017

Illustration: Non-Sense Warehouse

Photo: Beach Trash Wear, Disney Pixar

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  1. Kangen loh baca “Tahukah Kamu” kayak gini-gini di timeline Path kamu. Path sepi dan gak mutu tanpa postinganmu deh hahahaaaayyy…..


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